WG People-to-People


Martina Schwinkendorf
Chair WG PtP
tel: +49 3831 3571261

Anneli Meisterson

Anneli Meisterson
Head of unit Youth
tel: +372 45 20528


Ermo Mäeots
Head Education&Culture Department
tel: +372 46 36063

Anna Stahl Mousa

Anne Ståhl-Mousa
tel: +46 722273333



According to the CHARTER of the B7 ISLANDS NETWORK"Workgroups are the working bodies of the B7 and set up ...

... to help the B7 realise the objectives of their strategy;
... to develop the B7 network throughout the islands by acting as the link between the B7 and grass roots organisations, public institutions, societies, and associations etc of the islands.

The B7 Workgroups provide the contact network between the islands and carry out initiatives and projects of common interest to the islands."

The People-to-People WG is a working group of B7 Baltic Islands Network. Representatives from the seven Baltic Sea member islands regularly meet to contribute to a better understanding and to closer cooperation between the people in the Baltic Sea area.

We work to ...

... to spread knowledge about B7 islands,
... to support existing contacts between people from our islands and to initiate new

by focusing on YOUTH and CULTURE and implementing our main projects

... B7 Games project,
... B7 Youth Camps,
... Art&Culture projects,

in order to reach the goals of our work:  

... to support tolerance and intercultural understanding,
... to stop young people from leaving the islands, motivate them to come back and

The B7 Day

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Five islands participated and help with the B7 Day during a few sunny days in Mariehamn on the Åland Islands. The event took place in the Maritime Quarter, a living marine centre boat-building activity and other traditional handicrafts, during a well-visited annual event called the Sea Days. We offered local products from our islands and informed visitors about our islands and our organisation.

Our group was in high spirits and the flow of visitors was good during the whole day. People where obviously interested in our cooperation but most popular was without a doubt, the treasure hunt for our youngest visitors.

We ended the stay on the Åland with a visit to the Meat art exhibition, which was organised by People-to-People. The Åland Chairmanship would like to thank 1174838 615790948455051 824617263 neveryone who came and made the day possible, and we hope you were happy with the arrangement.







WG People-to-People: B7 20 years

PtP_WG_20_B7At the B7 Annual Conference on Öland, the Chair of People-to-People workgroup, Martina Schwinkendorf presented a brochure of the workgroups activities over the first 20 years. On the left page 18 of the brochure shows pictures from the photo competition that WG PtP held in 2007.
Download: WG PtP: during 20 Years of B7 here : (2 MB)pdf


- A Short Workgroup History
- Project Work
- B7 Games
- B7 Youth Art & Culture Projects
- B7 Youth Camps& Conferences
- B7 Days
- B7 Contact Meetings
- Other Projects
- People for People

PtP Activities during 20 Years of B7 Baltic Islands Network

During the 20 years of the B7 Baltic Islands Network the People-to-People Workgroup has been organising several exchange projects, youth camps, sports and culture events for the people on the seven member islands.

Please read about PtP activities during 20 years of B7. This brochure has been issued at this year's Annual Conference on Öland.