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B7 Baltic Islands Network

Actors in the Baltic Sea Region:

Ars Baltica
Baltic 7 Islands Network
Baltic 21
Baltic Development Forum
Baltic Environmental Forum
Baltic Heritage Co-operation
Baltic Institute of Finland
Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission (Helsinki Commission)
Baltic Metropoles Network
Baltic Ports Organisation
Baltic Region Healthy Cities Office
Baltic Sea 2020 Foundation
Baltic Sea Action Group BSAG by Foundation for a Living Baltic Sea
Baltic Sea Forum
Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference
Baltic Sea States Subregional Cooperation
Baltic Sea Tourism Commission
Baltic Sea Trade Union Network
Baltic University Programme
Centrum Balticum  (in FI only)
Clean Baltic Sea project of John Nurminen Foundation
Coalition Clean Baltic
Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions Baltic Sea Commission
Council of Baltic Sea States
Euroregion Baltic
NEFCO Nordic Environment Finance Corporation
Nordic Council
Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Well-being
Sustainable Coastal Zone Development in the Baltic Sea Region association
Union of the Baltic Cities
VASAB 2010

For EU Maritime Policy:

For European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument:

For the Northern Dimension:

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