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The POLITICAL STEERING GROUP is the political body of the B7 B7 and provides the framework and direction of the Baltic Islands Co-operation. The Political Steering Group:

  • Consists of one politician from each of the member islands.
  • Develops and approves the guidelines for the Coordinators Group.
  • Ensure a civil servant is appointed from each island to participate as a member of the Coordinators Group.
  • Meets at the General Meeting every second year at the chairing island.
  • The representative of the island holding the biannual rotating chairmanship chairs meetings.
  • Members approve the bi-annual programme and bi-annual budget of the B7 at the General Meeting.
  • Decisions will be taken with simple majority by the represented islands.

Gotland Meit Fohlin

Meit Fohlin
Region Gotland
Phone: +46 498 269 000

Hiiumaa Riho Rahuoja, Hiiu County Governor

Riho Rahuoja
Hiiu County Governor
Phone: +372 4636 040
Mobile: +372 5333 5116

Rügen uwe ahlers (medium)

Uwe Ahlers
Member Council Vorpommern-Rügen 
Phone: +49 3839 189 369  
Mobile: +49 1716 401 899

Saaremaa Kaido_Kaasik Kaido Kaasik
Saare County Governor
Phone: +372 4520 500 

Åland nina fellman aland.jpg

Nina Fellmann
Member of the Åland Government, Minister for Administrative Affairs
+358 1825 379
+358 4083 60220

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