Sun, Dec 16, 2018


B7 Baltic Islands Network

hannesThere is a well-known saying that the sea unites and the sea separates. Over the centuries, it has held true for the Baltic Sea, the home for millions of people. How to lead our existence together has been a crucial question from the long past.

The last 20 years of cooperation between the Baltic Sea islands have proved fruitful. Hiiumaa has a pleasant opportunity as well as a huge responsibility to hold the 2010 Chairmanship of the B7.

We will continue to focus on the Baltic Sea Strategy and environmental issues. Together we will seek to give the B7 network an internationally accepted organisational form while continuing the traditional activities and looking for new collaborations.

We wish this year to be successful for the Baltic Sea cooperation and to bring new friends who can cherish this vulnerable and precious place.

Yours Faithfully, Hannes Maasel, The Mayor of Hiiu County and B7 President 2010

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