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Baltic Master: maritime safety across borders.

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The initiative to the Baltic Master project emerges from two international conferences on maritime safety held inbalticmasterimage 2004 in Kiel, Germany, and Trelleborg, Sweden.


Baltic Master aims to improve maritime safety by integrating and bringing forward local and regional perspectives.  This includes measures to improve the prevention and the preparedness for ship accidents.


Maritime safety in a wider perspective, including regional development and spatial planning, will also be investigated further. For example there will be focus on conflict risks due to increased use of the sea and the coastal areas.


The project consists of four work packages. Each work package entails several activities and outcomes, for example scenarios, think tanks, conferences, studies and reports. The titles of the four work packages are:

  • Preparedness and Division of Responsibility
  • Safe Transportation at Sea
  • Sustainable Spatial and Regional Development
  • Communication and Dissemination

See Activities in the menu for further information about the content of the work packages.

The partnership is cross-sectorial, including municipalities, regions, national authorities and international organizations in order to facilitate co-operation betweendifferent levels.

Lead partner Region Blekinge, Sweden

Partnership 40 partners from seven countries in the Baltic Sea Region (see Partners in the menu for partnership list)

Duration 1 July 2005 – 31 December 2007

Budget and funding 3.6 million Euros, part-financed by the European Union (2.1 million Euros of total budget

Baltic Master is an international project which aims to improve maritime safety by integrating local and regional perspectives. The focus is on the Baltic Sea Region and issues concerning preparedness, prevention and marine spatial planning.

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